Explore Lesvos Island



Lesvos is the green Aegean jewel, an earthly paradise with healing springs and many beaches that charm visitors with perfection of their shape and their clear crystal waters. Lesvos is thought of as a piece of land that was cut from Asia Minor and traveled in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, a wonderful decorated ship like Stratis Murivilis has mentioned, ‘…which floats free and easy in the sea…’, it is an island of 1630 square km – the third largest of the Greek isles with the most sunniest days throughout the year.



The Gogo Museum of Vatoussa exhibits different aspects of village life, with historical photos, clothing, utensils and a gallery of local artists.

Village Life

Perhaps the least known and most charming aspect of Lesvos is the unspoiled life in the traditional mountain villages. Life in these villages goes on as it has for hundreds of years though now modern conveniences like electricity, television and motorized transportation have made it a bit easier. In a typical village like Anemotia (reknown for good quality local wine), life revolves around the main square and the cafés around it.

Wildlife (Birds)

Lesvos is known to the birding world as one of the best locations in Europe to experience migrating birds. The island’s vast and varied landscape offers numerous species of birds exactly what they want and thus, it is a haven for birds and birdwatchers alike that arrive in droves in spring.

Fossilised Forest

Lesvos’ oldest antiquity, situated between Sigri and Eressos. It is one of the wonders of the world and should not be missed. Large pieces of fossilised wood and standing trees cover a large area – it’s estimated that the age of the forest is twenty million years old.


The castle that crowns Molyvos is from Byzantine times and was later repaired by Francesco Gattelusi. In terms of majesty and size it is the second most impressive on the island.


  • Leimonos Monastery is between Kaloni and Filia
  • Monastery of Agiou Raphael in Thermi
  • Church of the Panagia in Agiassos
  • Church of Taxiarches in Mandamados
  • Ypsilou Monastery in Sigri
  • Panagia Tis Gorgonas in Skala Sykamnia

"An excellent place. A little hidden gem!"